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Aces Group can provide you with cutting edge multimedia, Software and APP design. Whether it be Flash, video production, trade show presentations, Documentaries, short Films or customised softwares and apps, Aces will provide you with the tools to promote your business with impacts.

About Us

ACES is a team of dedicated professionals with a passion to develop , innovate and create videos, presentations , software's and apps / We started of 20 years back with just video production and its our clients who motivated us to diversify into website development, software development , app creation and digital marketing.

The People

P.V.George (Founder & MD)

A film director, screenwriter, producer, is regarded as one of the finest directors in corporate movie industry. In 30 Years experience in Video Production Industry, George has covered many themes and genres.

Aditya Shankar (Director)

A blogger and a non fiction writer with a wide range of interests ranging from science, history, geography, culture, food and transportation

Samuel Jacob ( Director- Marketing)

Handling overseas marketing from Bahrain, Rohit Samuel is dedicated and approachable.An expert in market analysis and leader in sales , he is all set to take Aces across the globe.

Hemant Marnaware ( Director- Software Division)

Software wizard having experience on latest platforms. Leading a department of programmers has xcellent analytical skills.

Vishal Rangari ( Director- Digital Marketing)

A Software professional who had a great experience on web development. He is very promising and very strict as far as time management is concerned. He is best example of perfection and decorum.

Sahil Dande ( Cinematographer)

Excellent Photographer and Creative Designer with an eye for colors. A talented Dancer and Choreographer

Video Production & Documentary

Creating videos is our passion. From small corporate shoots to commercials, we have a highly experienced team that is ready to bring your video to life. Our team of filmmakers will come to you and capture beautiful interviews and b-roll to make your business look and sound its best ... without putting you in the red. After our initial conversation with you, we will choose the best freelancers to meet your goals and your budget. All interviews are transcribed, and a script is written. We send it to you for approval before we begin editing.

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Software & Website Development

ACES is also a software development & managed services company providing enterprise application development & software maintenance services to customers in India & Abroad

Our differentiator or unique selling point is that we are:

Faster: Our software developers are amongst the most experienced & innovative available. We can implement & maintain almost any application or system that our customers currently have

Digital Marketing

Once your video and your software is completed , let us help you get it in front of your audience. We can create a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign for you, and then target people who you think should see your video. We then continuously monitor your campaign and modify it to ensure people are engaging with it. That way you know your advertising dollars are being put to the best use they can be.

digital marketing
J4U Studios

Videography & Photography Services (J4U Studios)

J4U Studios provides wedding photography & cinematography service for our wedding couples in India and worldwide. Our studio specializes in art-focused wedding photography. Our style is clean, crisp and contemporary inspired by visual arts. We are high-ended professional team and giving a full service to every bride and groom that comes to us. We are a team of creative, and professional photographers , who make the best of every moment – rain or shine. To us, creative photography is an art – we seek elegance and grace in every image. Every setting has its own set of challenges, but this only fuels our creative spark for the best wedding and engagement photography. No awkward posing here; we think the best wedding photographers in India and beyond have a duty to provide simple direction and to make you feel at ease. We are committed to that notion in order to help bring out and capture that special connection between you and your partner.